About us

 Dermal Divas Skincare is owned and operated by Katherine Clark & Jeri Jackson, renowned licensed Aestheticians and specialty skincare providers.
They are taking initiative, as women, by carving out a path of alternative care for all in providing natural care products everyone can feel good about using and sharing with their family and friends.

Kat & Jeri want the essence of these natural products & topicals to ignite a desire of overall wellness and personal care in those who share in their goal of making acne, skin ailments, pain, and overall “dis-ease” things of the past through promoting a path of universal wellness.
Dermal Divas Skincare wants to help you find your own degree of “ease” by offering a wide variety of natural skin care and topical products that serve a range of purposes.

Dermal Divas feels that the “Universal language of beauty translates globally.They are taking the initiative ”We celebrate your decision to seek natural products, and we thank you for trusting Dermal Divas Skincare to provide the professional results you deserve.



Dermal Divas’ visionary and skincare industry veteran, Katherine Clark, has 33 years of solid experience as Licensed Esthetician (WA, AL) and Restoration Specialist in the retail spa and product production sectors with a proven track record of high productivity and unparalleled culture management.
Kat is a meticulous, and diligent skincare professional specializing in acne and scar restoration. She employs extensive training and education in holistic skincare applications to accentuate the beauty of each client.

Katherine is skilled in diverse aesthetic treatments. She’s equipped with extensive experience in providing medical-grade microdermabrasion (men, women, & teens), advanced skin extraction techniques, chemical peels, customized Holistic Infusions, and eyebrow shaping, eyelash, and eyebrow tinting, ear candling, facial and body waxing and aromatherapy.

In addition to the above mentioned, Kat also has special training in the following: Medical Microdermabrasion, Bipolar Radio Frequency, Laser & Botox Training, Massage, Extensive Educator Training, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Body Treatments, Endermologic, and Make-Up Application.

Mrs. Clark is known as a dependable leader with adeptness in maximizing recourses and developing turnkey solutions for the emerging skincare industry. Kat exemplifies enthusiasm to welcome new challenges, has an ongoing appetite for education, accepts responsibilities, and enjoys working with people, values camaraderie, and benefits from a strong network. She is a self-motivated marketing manager with a history of long-term client relationships.

She & her treatments are one-of-a-kind!!! No one does what Kat does!

Dermal Divas’ additional owner, Jeri Jackson, brings an extensive background and experience from several respective industries such as the sales, non-profit, and military/government service sectors. She has 15 years of proven broad-spectrum leadership experience and 4 years as an owner, manager, and service provider in the spa & beauty industry.
For the last two years she has been working to achieve her goal of gaining the education necessary to become an Advanced Medical Esthetician (WA, AL) and Advanced Nail Technician (WA). After which, she will garner teaching certifications, and Master Level Esthetics Credentialing (completion Jan 2016).
Mrs. Jackson is proficient in the following modalities: medical–grade microdermabrasion, (men, women, & teens), advanced skin extraction techniques, chemical peels, customized Holistic Infusions, and eyebrow shaping, eyelash, and eyebrow tinting, ear candling, facial and body waxing, make up application, and infection control.
She’s had special training in Holistic and Alternative Skin Care, Health and Nutrition, Advanced Ingredient, Pharmacology, Spa and Body Treatments, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Basic Shiatsu, body mechanics including Tai Chi, Extensive Educator Training, Corrective Make Up, Men’s Esthetic Services, and Sanitation, Disinfection & Bacteriology.
Jeri knows no limits when it comes to doing what it takes to be successful, a mindset that made her an exceptional soldier and makes her an even better entrepreneur. She is a master at cultivating relationships because she truly wants to provide value to others; her marketing prowess is built on the foundation of creating customers for life. Her passion is helping others, and one of her driving forces for building this spa based business is to be able to help people suffering from acne and severe scarring “put their best face forward.”